We wanted to see if Ultra only caters to DJs with a big following on social media, and we used Booking Agent Info to research the followings behind this years lineup.

Here is what we found out:

The Power of Headliners: More Than Just Music

It’s no secret that big names draw big crowds. The presence of artists with over 10 million followers at the Ultra Music Festival isn’t just about the music they spin; it’s about the eyes — and ears — they bring. When headliners with massive social followings grace the festival stages, they carry with them a sea of virtual followers, creating a ripple effect that transcends the physical bounds of the festival grounds. Their involvement amplifies the festival’s reach, drawing attention from corners of the globe that might otherwise remain untapped. It’s a strategic move that positions Ultra not just as a music festival but as a global cultural phenomenon.

Spotlight on the Social Middle Class

The infographic reveals that a significant chunk of the lineup (10%) falls within the 500K to 1M followers bracket. These artists represent the social middle class of the digital world, with a fan base sizable enough to command respect yet not so vast as to eclipse the sun. Their engagement rates are often more intimate, fostering a connection that can make their promotional efforts for the festival feel more personal and authentic. It’s this personal touch that can turn passive scrollers into active ticket buyers, ensuring that the festival’s promotional content isn’t just seen but felt.

The Ultra Stage: A Stepping Stone for Aspiring Artists

Perhaps most intriguing is the significant representation (38%) of artists with 0-100K followers. This demographic represents the emerging DJs and producers, the lifeblood of innovation within the electronic music scene. By offering these up-and-coming talents a platform, Ultra demonstrates its commitment to fostering new music and giving attendees access to the freshest beats that have yet to saturate mainstream airwaves. This inclusivity is a testament to Ultra’s role as an industry tastemaker, anointing the next generation of headliners.

Furthermore, Ultra’s booking policy extends its gaze to local talent, offering a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for neighborhood heroes to share the stage with international icons. This local inclusion not only gives the festival a unique flavor, embellished with local cultural nuances, but it also endears Ultra to the local community, building a loyal base of homegrown supporters.

Harmonious Booking Decisions: The Strategy Behind the Lineup

The data distilled from the infographic points to a harmonious balance in the festival’s booking decisions. This balance is not serendipitous; it is a meticulous orchestration that aims to deliver a comprehensive festival experience. By showcasing artists across the social spectrum, Ultra ensures that its lineup resonates with diverse audiences, from the die-hard fans of marquee names to the thrill-seekers of the new and novel.


The data captured in the infographic is a visual testament to the strategic diversity embedded in the Ultra Music Festival’s DNA. It’s a sophisticated blend of star power, promising new talent, and local charm, all harnessed to create not just an event but a phenomenon. By recognizing the value of each artist, regardless of their social following, Ultra underscores the essence of what a festival should be: a mosaic of sounds and experiences that create a unified celebration of music, culture, and connection.