The Super Bowl isn’t just a showdown of the greatest football talents; it’s also a testament to the strategic plays happening off the field where sports agencies tackle the art of player representation. Today, we dive deep into the fascinating details of the agencies behind the Super Bowl contenders, drawing on data from Booking Agent Info to highlight the key players in this aspect of the sport.

The Heavyweights of Negotiation

At the forefront of this game behind the game are CAA Sports, SPORTSTARS, and Wasserman, with 1 of 1 Agency also taking a significant position. These agencies are akin to an offensive line in the negotiations arena, but instead of protecting the quarterback, they’re shielding and promoting their clients’ careers. CAA Sports, in particular, has a notable 11.1% representation in one team, underscoring its influence and reach.

Diversity in Representation

An interesting play here is the diversity in agency representation, particularly with the Kansas City Chiefs, where a whopping 45.6% of players are affiliated with a varied mix of agencies. This highlights a vibrant and competitive market for player representation, echoing the diversity we celebrate in the league itself. On the other side, the San Francisco 49ers showcase 35.6% of players represented by an array of agents.

A Spectrum of Agencies

It’s not just about the big names; the infographic reveals a kaleidoscope of agencies, each with its own strengths and unique selling points. From Athletes First’s solid 5.8% presence to Lagardère Sports’ strategic 5.8% stake in player management, the array of logos and figures paints a picture of a robust and dynamic field where each agency brings something special to the table.

The Unsung Heroes

While players are the stars on the field, their success is often propelled by these behind-the-scenes maestros. Agencies like SPORTSTARS, with a 7.4% presence, and Wasserman, holding a 9.2% stake, are significant players in this realm. They’re the ones who negotiate the contracts, secure endorsements, and ensure that the athletes’ needs and futures are well taken care of.


This infographic not only presents data but tells a story of partnership, strategy, and diversity. It’s a reminder that in the grand spectacle of the Super Bowl, there are multiple layers of talent, both seen and unseen. Agencies play a crucial role in the athletes’ professional journeys, and this breakdown gives fans a new perspective on the complexity and richness of the sport’s ecosystem.