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How To Follow Up With Celebrity Representatives

| Celebrity Endorsements, General, Media, Nonprofits

If you’ve ever tried to do business with a celebrity, you know that it’s not actually the celebrity you need […]

How to Become a Concert Photographer with Suzi Pratt

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According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, more photographers are going freelance. How can you get a piece of the […]

How to Interview A Celebrity For A Blog or Magazine

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An interview with a celebrity of a certain status is bread and butter of magazines, tabloids, and entertainment blogs. It […]

Getting Celebrity Reps to Respond to Your Queries

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You already know that the first step to getting a celebrity endorsement for your business or nonprofit is to narrow […]

Our Top Posts for Journalists and Photographers

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We have compiled our most popular posts that are most beneficial to journalists, bloggers, photographers, and other media professionals. We did […]

How A Start-Up Used Celebrity Marketing to Become a Top 100 Website

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A+ is a news outlet that sprung up seemingly overnight to dominate online media. They reach more than 50 million […]

6 Biggest Mistakes People Make When Contacting Celebrity Representatives

| Celebrity Endorsements, Media, Nonprofits

In a previous article, I covered the biggest mistakes that people make when emailing agents for celebrity bookings, but this […]

How to Get A Media or Press Pass for Events and Concerts

| Media

For beginners in journalism or photography, the press pass (aka photo pass or media pass) can seem like some far-off […]