The Electric Daisy Carnival (EDC) in Mexico 2024 is set to be a vibrant showcase of talent, and the lineup is a veritable who’s who of the electronic dance music world. But who’s really behind the artists we’re so excited to see? We delved into the data from Booking Agent Info and discovered some fascinating facts about the agencies pulling the strings.

Wasserman’s Strong Presence

Leading the way in terms of artist representation at EDC Mexico is Wasserman Music, responsible for 16.6% of the acts. Their significant share of the lineup is indicative of their robust network and influence in the music industry.

United Talent Agency: Close on the Heels

Not far behind, United Talent Agency (UTA) represents 9.8% of the artists. UTA’s roster is known for its diversity and quality, and their notable presence at EDC Mexico further cements their reputation as a leading force in entertainment.

WME and Born in Mexico: The Stalwarts

William Morris Endeavor (WME) isn’t one to be overlooked, with 8.6% of EDC Mexico’s artists in their corner. Meanwhile, Mexico City based Born in Mexico impressively holds its own with 8.0%.

CAA and Liaison Artists: Significant Contenders

Both Creative Artists Agency (CAA) and Liaison Artists command a strong 4.9% each, indicating their significant role in shaping the festival’s soundscape.

The Rest of the Field

With 47.2% of artists represented by other agencies, the variety of talent at EDC Mexico is as wide as it is deep. This diversity not only adds to the festival’s richness but also speaks to the competitive nature of the music industry.

Key Insights and Methodology

In our analysis, we zoomed in on those artists represented by agencies and did not take into account self-represented talent. This focus allows us to understand the agency dynamics at play in festival lineups. However, it’s crucial to note that our data set did not include 25 artists due to lack of data, which could potentially shift the percentages slightly if included.