Whatever your reasons may be, getting in direct contact with a celebrity can be a difficult process. Whether you’re a fan and just want to express your support, a journalist hoping to secure an interview, or a business owner or event booker who wants to approach the celebrity with a business opportunity, there’s no guarantee that your communication will actually end up in the celebrity’s hands.

This can be incredibly frustrating, especially if you’re a business owner and want to enlist a celebrity’s help to take your brand to the next level. So today, we’re going to look at the different ways you can contact any celebrity; depending on your specific situation, some of these methods are a better option than others, but all of them have a good chance of success if you do it right.


Contact Celebrity For:

1. Endorsements
2. Event Booking
3. Unofficial Partnership
4. Sending Product to Celebrity
5. Donations
6. Fan Mail
7. Interview

Contact Celebrity Through:
1. Agent, Manager, or Publicist
2. Stylist, Makeup Artist, Hair Stylist
2. Snail Mail
3. Social Media
4. Meet and Greets
5. Gift Lounge/Suite
6. Gift Bags


If you’re seeking a celebrity endorsement for your brand or product, a celebrity’s manager typically serves as the initial point of contact. Managers orchestrate the daily affairs of celebrities and play a pivotal role in determining whether an endorsement aligns with the celebrity’s brand identity. Equipped with an in-depth understanding of their client’s values, interests, and brand image, managers serve as strategic partners for brands pursuing a celebrity spokesperson.

In certain cases, celebrities might have an agent designated specifically for handling endorsements. These agents can be your ideal contact point as they not only manage endorsement opportunities for their client, but also often have access to an extensive network of celebrities. This larger pool can provide brands with more variety and options to select the perfect celebrity match for their campaign.

You can find out who the official agent and manager for a celebrity is along with their contact info at Booking Agent Info.

Event Bookings

As with endorsements, event bookings are first and foremost a money-maker for a celebrity, so you’ll need to go through their agent to discuss the opportunity. The agent will be able to tell you if the celebrity you’re targeting for your event is available on the date you’re requesting, and they’ll also be able to tell you how much you can expect to spend to secure their client for your event.

The manager will also come into the picture at some point as well — if the celebrity doesn’t have an agent, you’ll need to reach out to the manager instead. And if the celebrity has both an agent and a manager, the agent should be your first stop; they’ll bring the manager in when they think it’s time.

You can find out who the official agent and manager for a celebrity is along with their contact info at Booking Agent Info.

Unofficial Partnerships


Let’s say you don’t have the budget to form an official partnership with a celebrity, but you still want to get your brand’s name out there. Unofficial partnerships can be a great option for a fledgling company: you agree to provide a celebrity with free product on a continuing basis, and in return, they use your product in public. But since there’s no money involved, you don’t need to worry about involving the celebrity’s agent. (In fact, the celebrity’s agent most likely won’t care very much about the partnership, since there’s no financial interest in it for their client.)

For unofficial partnerships, your first stop should be the celebrity’s publicist. Publicists can be really useful even if you don’t have a specific celebrity in mind; in fact, since publicists typically manage a lot more clients than agents or managers, you’ll have a much wider range of potential celebrity partners to choose from. For unofficial deals, the biggest concern from the celebrity’s side will be how the unofficial endorsement impacts their public brand, which is why the celebrity’s publicist or, if they don’t have one, their manager should be the first representatives you contact.

You can find out who the official publicist or manager for a celebrity is along with their contact info at Booking Agent Info.

Product Giveaways


Product giveaways are similar to unofficial partnerships, but with one crucial difference. Unofficial partnerships consist of some kind of handshake agreement for a celebrity to use your brand in exchange for a continuous supply of your product. On the other hand, product giveaways are more of a one-off, and there’s no guarantee that the celebrity will use your product in public to help promote your brand.

Though there are differences between unofficial partnerships and product giveaways, in both cases you’ll want to reach out to the celebrity’s publicist. Again, since there’s no money and no contract involved, a product giveaway will be a lower priority for a celebrity’s agent or manager, so you’ll have better odds of getting a positive response by going through their publicist.

If you’re running a fashion brand, another option is to go through the celebrity’s stylist. Many brands tend to overlook stylists as a resource, but they can be incredibly useful when it comes to getting your product in the hands of celebrities. You can find out the stylists for the celebrities that you are interested in by using Moda Database. On top of that, because stylists have a much better sense of their clients’ styles, they can help you decide which of their clients is the best match for your brand.


Let’s say you’re not running a brand, but a charity, and you’re soliciting donations. The first thing you need to do is determine which celebrities are a good fit for your charity. The best way to do this is by carefully researching celebrities who have previously supported causes or charities similar to yours in the past.

Once you’ve narrowed down your list of potential celebrity donors, the next step is to reach out to either the celebrity’s manager or their agent. Because a donation involves money, the agent needs to be looped in; however, your first stop should be the celebrity’s manager. The manager will want to take a look at your charity to ensure that everything is legitimate and that your charity is aligned with their client’s public brand.

If you can’t get a hold of an agent or manager, your next option should be the celebrity’s publicist. Since their potential donation will impact their public brand, the celebrity’s publicist will want to know about it, and if they think it’s a good fit for the celebrity, they’ll be able to connect you with the celebrity’s agent and manager to get the ball rolling.

You can find out who the official manager and publicist for a celebrity is along with their contact info at Booking Agent Info.


If you’re looking to secure an interview with a celebrity, the initial step should be to establish contact with their publicist. Publicists are designated to manage all media-related activities for their clients, including interview requests. They serve as gatekeepers, filtering and responding to requests based on the celebrity’s interest, schedule, and publicity strategy.

It’s important to note that celebrities often have distinct publicists assigned for various geographical territories. For instance, a celebrity could have one publicist handling their UK media interactions and another one overseeing the USA media engagements. This differentiation ensures that each publicist is well-versed in the media landscape and cultural nuances of their assigned territory.

When crafting your interview request, make sure it’s compelling, clear, and respectful. Detail why the interview will be beneficial for the celebrity, your platform’s reach, and the potential audience. Remember, publicists receive numerous such requests, so standing out in the crowd is crucial.

In the absence of a publicist, the next optimal point of contact would be the celebrity’s manager. While their primary role revolves around managing the celebrity’s career and business affairs, they often step in to handle media relations if there’s no designated publicist.

You can find out who the official manager and publicist for a celebrity is along with their contact info at Booking Agent Info.

Agent, Manager, or Publicist

More often than not, celebrities don’t handle their own business deals, including endorsements and promotional campaigns. If you’re hoping to set up a business arrangement with a celebrity, the first people you should reach out to are their representatives. (It goes without saying that if you want to reach out to a celebrity as a fan, you should contact them using another method.)

You will be contacting celebrity agents to discuss any business deals — simply put, an agent is responsible for finding work for their clients, and they’ll also be your main point of contact for negotiating the contract once you reach that stage. But the agent isn’t the only person involved in the decision-making process; you may also find yourself discussing your business opportunity with the celebrity’s manager or publicist. The manager’s job is to provide career guidance and advice, and along with the agent (and the celebrity), they’ll need to sign off on any potential deals their client makes.

And while the celebrity’s publicist usually doesn’t have approval power over potential business deals, they’re a valuable part of the team to ensure that the celebrity they represent is viewed as favorably as possible by the public. In addition, if you’re hoping to conduct an interview with a celebrity or need a press pass, you’ll need to go through their publicist to get approval.

So if you want to open a dialogue about a potential business opportunity, your best bet is to start with the celebrity’s agent and/or manager; eventually, they’ll loop the rest of the team in, but by reaching out to the representation directly, you’ll be able to demonstrate that your opportunity is for real and that you understand how the business works.

You can find the information for celebrity representatives through a celebrity contact info database like Booking Agent Info, and you can also sometimes find it on the celebrity’s website. Here is how to find the contact information for a celebrity’s agent through Booking Agent Info:

1. Go to your dashboard page, and type in the celebrity’s name in the search. For our example, we’ll use the band “Twenty One Pilots”.

2. After you have entered the celebrity’s name into the search, press enter and you will be taken to the search results.

3. Click on the best result, and you will be taken to their profile page where you can see who represents the celebrity, along with their contact info.

Sometimes you can find the celebrity’s contact info for free on their website, though many times it may provide you with only general information, or it may be outdated. Here is how to find the celebrity’s contact info through their website:

1. First find the celebrity’s website. You can usually find it doing a Google search, but be careful to make sure it’s an official site and not a fan site.

Most fan sites have no affiliation with the celebrity. We’ll use “The Lonesome Trio” for this example. Once you find the celebrity’s official site, you will want to go there:

2. Once you are on the celebrity’s site. You will want to look for a link that says Contact. If they have the contact info, it will usually be on the Contact Page. Once you find the link, you will click that link.

3. On that page, you will be able to see their contact info that they provide you.


Celebrity stylists are the ones responsible for the one’s responsible for the style and look of the celebrity. Some celebrities have stylists, who help them choose what to wear, makeup artists, and hair stylists as part of their team. Stylists are a powerful point of contact for getting in touch with a celebrity if you have a fashion brand, or beauty brand that you think fits in line with a specific celebrity’s taste.

Some stylists have agents, others just have assistants, and many just handle inquiries themselves. When trying to get in touch with stylists, you will want to make sure to send them an email (do no call them before establishing a relationship), and providing them with a summary of what your looking for, and a link to images of a collection that you think that they would be interested in.

You can find the stylist, makeup artist, and hair stylist for celebrities by using a celebrity stylist database like Moda Database. On Moda Database, you can see who works with specific celebrities along with the contact information for the stylist, and their agencies and assistants. You can also see what brands that the stylist has worked with in the past.

Snail Mail (Fan Mail)

One of the most traditional ways to get in touch with a celebrity is through good old-fashioned snail mail.

As great as traditional mail can be for fans of a celebrity (for example, if they’re making a request for a picture, an autograph, or just want to say hi), it’s definitely not an ideal approach if you’re trying to do business or conduct an interview with a celebrity.

For one thing, today’s businesses run on constant ­— and instant — communication; sending a letter takes much too long for it to be an effective mode of business communication. For another, celebrities typically have someone screen their mail specifically to filter out inappropriate items (such as business requests), so there’s a good chance that your letter won’t ever be seen by the celebrity. It’s best to use this approach only if you’re a fan.

Here’s how to contact a celebrity via fan mail:

  1. Find their mailing address. I recommend using Fanmail.biz which is a free resource for finding fan mail addresses for celebrities. Go to their search:

2. We’re going to use Brie Bella for our example. After you enter in the celebrities name into search. You will be taken to the search results, where you should click the best option.

3. After you are on the page for the celebrity. You will see the celebrity’s fan mail address listed on that page:

Social Media


Social media offers a glimpse into the lives of celebrities, allowing fans and business owners to feel more connected than ever to their favorite stars. It’s also a great way to keep track of what celebrities are doing, and it’s also a good way for celebrities to maintain their public profile without having to attend a lot of events. And because a celebrity’s brand can often be boosted by how authentic their audience perceives them to be, they also use social media to give their audience a picture of who they are as individuals.

Social media is a great way for fans to contact a celebrity; if you’re hoping to secure an interview with a celebrity, or if you want to get in touch with a celebrity for business purposes, however, social media probably isn’t your best bet. Celebrities receive massive amounts of comments and messages on social media, so the odds of your message being seen are pretty slim. On top of that, if you’re targeting a celebrity for a business deal (like an endorsement or marketing campaign), you shouldn’t be reaching out directly to the celebrity. Instead, you should be reaching out to the people responsible for their business deals.

Meet and Greets


If you want to make direct contact with a celebrity, the best way to ensure that is by putting yourself in a situation to make a face-to-face introduction. If you’re a fan, this can be incredibly effective in terms of opening up a dialogue with the celebrity. And if you’re a journalist or someone with an interview request, you’ll be able to quickly and effectively communicate your request directly to the celebrity. And events are a great way to put yourself in a position to meet the celebrity.

Celebrity events vary depending on the situation. In some instances, an event consists of a meet-and-greet with fans; in others, the celebrity is making an appearance at a public (or private) event. In either case, events are an opportunity for celebrities to connect with their supporters, but they aren’t a great way to lay a foundation for business deals.

For one thing, the celebrity’s attention is going to be focused on meeting everyone who took the time to come to the event, so the amount of time you’d have to communicate your request would be limited.

Gift Lounge/Suite


These last two methods are far more suitable for brands, business owners and those seeking interviews than they are for fans. The first is gift lounges, a great way to meet celebrities. Gift lounges take place on-site at red carpet events– it’s a dedicated area where celebrities can go to pick up free products from brands who have paid to set up a station. Think of it like a flea market, but with different products (and everything is free).

Unlike a meet-and-greet event, celebrities attend gift lounges with the expectation that they’ll be interacting with potential business partners rather than fans, so they’ll be much more receptive to discussing possible partnerships with your brand. Even better, it’s also sometimes possible to get pictures of the celebrity interacting with your brand (which saves you from the uncertainty of hoping that the celebrity will wear your merchandise and be photographed while wearing it).

If you have an interview request, gift lounges can also be a worthwhile option for discussing it with the celebrity. In many cases, the celebrity usually attends gift lounges with one of the members of their team (typically their publicist), which gives you the opportunity to make a face-to-face introduction that you can use to follow up after the event is done. And as a business owner, you can use gift lounges not only to interact with one celebrity, but also to meet with their representation, many of whom have other clients whose contacts might be useful down the road. Take note, though: space at a gift lounge typically starts at around $5,000, so if you don’t have a big budget, you may not want to spend this kind of money.

Gift Bags

Finally, another great option for unofficial business opportunities is with gift bags. Despite what the name implies, gift bags aren’t what you’re thinking (a little shopping bag with some free stuff in it); rather, they’re usually a piece of luggage or a trunk filled with items for the celebrity. The products inside are either given directly to the celebrity, loaded into their car or limo at the end of the event, or shipped to wherever the celebrity would like it delivered. This is another great way to get your product into the hands of a celebrity.

If you’re hoping to secure an unofficial partnership with a celebrity, gift bags are a great way to lay the groundwork. Unofficial partnerships are basically any agreement that’s not backed by a contract, and they can be incredibly useful for brands who don’t have the budget to pay for a formal endorsement campaign. If a celebrity gets photographed wearing or using your product, their fans will take notice, and you could soon find your brand appeal skyrocketing with the consumer.


While there is a cost for getting your product into gift bags (anywhere from $500 to $4,000 or more, depending), it’s less expensive than securing space at a gift lounge. The drawback is that you likely won’t have a chance to meet directly with the celebrity; the upside, however, is that if the celebrity likes your product, there’s a good chance they’ll use it in public. If they do, you’ll get the benefit of the celebrity being photographed wearing or using your product, which gives you free advertising without having to negotiate a formal endorsement deal.

Frequently Asked Questions About Contacting Celebrities

How do I find celebrity contact info?

While a celebrity’s personal details aren’t typically available to the public, certain channels like social media provide opportunities for interaction. For business inquiries, it’s preferable to connect with the celebrity’s representatives – their agent, manager, or publicist. Access to these contacts can be found by using a celebrity contact list.

What is the best way to contact a celebrity?

The strategy for contacting a celebrity depends on the purpose. If you’re a fan seeking interaction, consider fan mail or social media outreach. For business proposals, reaching out to the celebrity’s representative—agent, manager, or publicist—is key. Different representatives serve unique roles, so identify the correct contact for your specific inquiry. For instance, booking queries are generally handled by agents or sometimes managers, endorsement discussions are steered by managers, while media requests are typically managed by publicists.

Can I contact a celebrity for a charity?

The method of contacting a celebrity for charity varies based on the requirements. For booking a celebrity for a charity event, liaising with their agent is most effective. To request donations for charity auctions, the celebrity’s manager or publicist may be the best points of contact.

How do I contact a celebrity’s agent or manager?

The optimal way to get in touch with a celebrity’s agent or manager is through email. A reliable celebrity contact list like Booking Agent Info offers up-to-date contact information for agents, managers, and publicists of various celebrities.

How do I contact celebrities for events?

If you’re interested in booking a celebrity for an event, it’s best to communicate with the celebrity’s agent. In cases where the celebrity doesn’t have an agent, the manager becomes the go-to contact. For detailed information about the process, you can refer to our comprehensive guide on “How to Book a Celebrity“.