We used the data in Booking Agent Info to see if artists with big followings were most likely to get a nomination. Think all Grammy nominees are social media giants? Think again! Our insights show a different tune—across TikTok, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, a striking majority of these acclaimed artists have between 0-1 million followers.

Diverse Social Footprints: The data shows a broad spectrum of online presence among the nominees, with the majority (43%) having between 0-1 million followers. This suggests that not all critically recognized musicians prioritize cultivating a massive social media presence, or that their audiences may be more niche and dedicated rather than expansively mainstream.

The Exclusive Upper Tier: A very small segment of the nominees (2.5%) boast a staggering 100-200 million followers, indicating that these few artists have transcended musical fame to become colossal social media figures.

Substantial Middle Influence: A significant proportion of nominees (34%) have a strong following in the 1-10 million range, pointing to a solid influence on the platform that can be leveraged for promoting their work and engaging with a sizable fan base.

Moderate Influencers: There’s a noteworthy cohort (16%) with 10-50 million followers, which may suggest that these artists have tapped into a more extensive reach while still maintaining a sense of community and connection with their followers.

Minimal Ultra-Mega-Influencers: Only a tiny fraction of nominees (2%) have more than 200 million followers, underscoring the exclusivity of reaching such an astronomical level of influence on Instagram.

In summary, the infographic underlines the varied nature of social media influence among Grammy nominees, from the surprisingly large group with a more modest following to the few with follower counts rivaling the populations of large countries.