As the sun sets on the Colorado Desert, Coachella isn’t just a festival but a grand stage where the music industry’s most influential agencies showcase their top acts. We used Booking Agent Info’s music industry directory to research the agencies behind this years line-up. The agency breakdown for this year’s Coachella gives us a glimpse into the power players behind the scenes. Here’s how the titans of talent representation stack up.

Wasserman’s Chart-Topping Lineup

Taking the lion’s share with 23% of the lineup, Wasserman stands tall at the forefront. The agency’s roster boasts titans of the music scene, including genre-defying artists like Skepta, the electronic prowess of John Summit, and the beats of the indomitable DJ Snake. Wasserman’s dominance at Coachella reflects their knack for nurturing artists who not only create hits but define cultural moments.

CAA’s Diverse Roster

Creative Artists Agency (CAA) closely tails with 21%, brandishing a roster as diverse as Coachella’s spirit. From the haunting melodies of Lana Del Rey to the rock-infused energy of Deftones, CAA’s eclectic mix is a testament to their breadth and versatility in artist representation.

WME’s Eclectic Mix

William Morris Endeavor (WME) brings its A-game with a cool 13%. Eclectic icons like Peggy Gou and Tyler, The Creator, are testament to WME’s flair for representing trailblazers who captivate and challenge the musical status quo.

United Talent’s Star Showcase

United Talent Agency (UTA) makes its mark with a significant 9% of the lineup, boasting stars like the visionary Grimes and the charismatic Bebe Rexha. UTA’s carefully curated selection is indicative of their strategic approach to artist development and their commitment to propelling their talents to Coachella-worthy acclaim.

Ground Control Touring and Liaison Artists: Boutique Presence

Both Ground Control Touring and Liaison Artists claim 5% of the lineup, highlighting their influence as boutique agencies with an eye for talent that resonates with Coachella’s eclectic audience. Their tailored rosters prove that a bespoke approach can stand up to the industry’s goliaths.

TBA Agency’s Notable Impact

Not to be overlooked, TBA Agency carves out a 4% slice of the Coachella pie. Their presence underlines the fact that impact isn’t solely the domain of the largest agencies, but also of those who work meticulously to elevate emerging stars.

One Fiinix Live: Wave of Representation

Marking its territory with 3%, One Fiinix Live reps genre-bending acts like Girl Ultra and virtual phenomenon Hatsune Miku.

Embracing Diversity: The “Others”

Representing 20% of the lineup, the “Others” category includes those beyond the big names. This space is shared by agencies with smaller rosters and artists whose management teams handle bookings in-house. It’s a testament to Coachella’s inclusive ethos, showcasing a festival landscape where independent spirit thrives alongside established prowess.

In Conclusion

As festivalgoers bask in the Californian glow, the melodies they hear are harmonized by the unsung maestros of the music business—the agencies and management teams that weave the fabric of Coachella’s lineup. From Wasserman’s heavyweight presence to the strategic curation of UTA, and the in-house managed artists’ stamp of autonomy, Coachella 2024 is as much a celebration of talent as it is of the diverse and dynamic industry that supports it.